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Not all electronics recyclers are created equal and PC Recyclers is proof. Our R2 certification is the highest industry standard for environmental responsibility and safety.

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Business Solutions

PC Recyclers will come out for free On-Site and remove any unwanted Computer equipment from your business. We can provide a Certificate of Destruction to guarantee the destruction of data from any device that holds data. We can also provide you a list of what was removed from your facility. Currently PC Recyclers is serving all of Idaho and Eastern Oregon. Give us a call today to see how we can serve you best!

Each year hundreds of thousands of obsolete computers end up in landfills, presenting real challenges to your business and the environment. In Southern Idaho, businesses and government agencies have discovered the benefits of our free PC recycling services, including the recycling of reusable and non-reusable equipment, and the disposal of hazardous materials to EPA Approved locations.

From the moment we haul away your old equipment we ensure total privacy and security through the complete destruction of the hard drives. Any drives that we deem reusable we wipe clean using a DoD approved software program. All hardrives and electronics that can contain sensitive material are put through our Ameri-Shred Shredder, permanantly destroying all data.

Either way, PC Recyclers can ensure the destruction of your sensitive data!   

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