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R2 Certification

R2 certification is an extremely high standard and can take many years to obtain it. It also means that our recycling process is verified by a third-party auditor to rigorously ensure that e-waste is disposed of safely and properly. R2 certification also needs to be re-issued every 3 years after an inspection. The checklist to become R2 certified is an extremely thorough 191 questions that cover the following topics:   

  • Environmental, Health and safety Management  
  • Responsible Management Strategies  
  • Legal Requirements  
  • On-site Environment, Health, and Safety  
  • Focus Materials  
  • Reusable Equipment and Components
  • Tracking Throughput  
  • Data Destruction  
  • Storage  
  • Security   
  • Insurance, Closure Plan, and Financial Responsibility  
  • Transport  
  • Documentation and Recordkeeping  

Below is an excerpt from 60 Minutes about the damge that improperly discarded electronics can cause. Electronics contain extensive amounts of harmful plastics, chemicals, and metals that when just thrown away can cause landfills to overflow, pollute groud water, and for electronic producers to consume more energy. Disposing of electronics yourself, or using a company that does so improperly can negetively impact the enviornement and endanger lives.



When you use PC Recyclers you ensure that all your equipment is being recycled properly. Give us a call or email today!

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R2 Certified Recycler

Not all electronics recyclers are created equal and PC Recyclers is proof. Our R2 certification is the highest industry standard for environmental responsibility and safety.

To view the full checklist of requirements to be met for R2 certification, please click here.

Data Security

R2 Certification covers data security, meaning that when you give us your electronics to be recycled we make sure that all the senstive information they may contain is completely destroyed. To learn more about keeping your data secure click the button below.

Data Security

When you dispose of your electronics yourself, or through uncertifed companies it can cause severe damage to the enviornment.

 Less than 20% of e-waste is recycled.

By properly recycling your electronics you can help take care of the planet.