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Data security is no joke, so don't let just anyone recycle your electronics. Want to know how PC Recyclers ensures that your data is completely safe and unrecoverable? 

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When you dispose of your electronics yourself, or through uncertifed companies you risk your data being stolen from discarded devices.

 Every two seconds an identiy is stolen. 

By properly recycling your electronics you can reduce your chances of being a victim.

Data Security

Data breaches are all too common in this day and age which is why we work hard to protect and destroy sensitive data and hardware. Our Ameri-shred shredder ensures the complete destruction of hard drives and the data contained on them. PC Recyclers uses Department of Defense approved software on drives that are useable to completely and thoroughly wipe any data. This includes:  

  • HIPAA info  
  • Passwords
  • SSN's
  • Log On's
  • Addresses
  • Photos
  • Email addresses 
  • Other sensitive info    

We have never had a breach of data or security leak of any kind so please let us know if we can help you recycle your sensitive equipment!

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