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Not all electronics recyclers are created equal and PC Recyclers is proof. Our R2 certification is the highest industry standard for environmental responsibility and safety.

Giving Back

PC Recyclers is proud to help the community by making donations to those in need. The value for recycling is far outweighed when someone in need gets access to a computer.

Some organizations we have worked with are the Boys and Girls Club of Ada County, and the Caldwell School District. If you're with a non-profit organization, contact us today to share your story, or learn more about how PC Recyclers of Idaho might be able to help.

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Data Security

R2 Certification covers data security, meaning that when you give us your electronics to be recycled we make sure that all the senstive information they may contain is completely destroyed. To learn more about keeping your data secure click the button below.

Data Security


Electronic waste, or e-waste, is an increasing problem in today's computerized world. E-waste comes from an accumulation of unused equipment whether it's broken, obsolete or surplus. Since many components contain hazardous materials, e-waste can cause serious environmental damage and pollution if disposed of improperly. Environmental damage isn't the only thing e-waste creates, heavy metals and toxic materials also severly negatively impact human health. PC Recyclers is recycling a better way.  

Since 2004, PC Recyclers of Idaho has been helping curb e-waste by recycling and properly disposing of computers and all related equipment. PC Recyclers provides safe recycling for all types of e-waste regardless of type or brand. Our methods and systems are constantly audited by a third party to ensure we are using the most current and appropriate recycling techniques.  

And unlike others in the industry, we dismantle all of our equipment to separate out any hazardous materials. From there, all hazardous waste is shipped to EPA Approved facilities for appropriate disposal. We can ensure from beginning to end, the destruction of sensitive equipment and information, through safe EPA approved methods. We are R2 Certified which is a very extensive process to go through, and a very prestigious certification to maintain.

There are very few recyclers that can do that and show you the documentation to prove it. If you would like to see a complete document of what is required please click here.


This excerpt from 60 minutes shows the vast and dangerous consequences of improper disposal of electronics. When the chemicals and components are not recycled appropriately they can severely harm humans and the enviorment. As an R2 certified company, PC Recyclers insures that all equipment brought to us is disposed of in the safest manner with utmost regard to protecting people and the enviornement.

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